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Who we are.

We’re on a mission to—

To help middle-aged black women age boldly through community,

self-discovery, and a sense of adventurous risk taking. 


The world is filled with “older black women” who may be unaware that they’re internally upset about the decisions they made earlier in life; perhaps they stayed in a marriage, a career or simply built a life that’s not true to who they are at the core (based on the societal norm). This then guides them to feeling empty and unfulfilled… but here’s the thing—if they begin the process of trusting themselves they’ll find hidden gifts and talents that can change their lives forever, and ultimately set them free. 

What is Full Grown?

Full Grown exists to get you to experience the freedom you had all along.


We’re talking love, sex, spirituality, personal growth and self exploration...all the yummy stuff that we often close the door on. Therefore, here it’s about helping grown women fully step into their Full Grown status and get everything out of this life they came to live.


“Be brave enough to break the template and choose more.”


Samara Stone is the owner and founder of Full Grown, a lifestyle brand for grown women who are ready to imagine, create and boldly live a life of their own design. An HBCU grad hailing from sunny California (and currently residing in Baltimore), Samara believes we all have the power to manifest the life we truly desire—even if it means trashing the [life] template society believes we all should follow.


Getting her entrepreneurial start in 2005 when she opened her private mental health practice, Samara has since launched several programs [and brands] to help mental health entrepreneurs gain the clarity and confidence they need to fully embrace their expertise and build businesses that allow them to position themselves as the experts they truly are.


In addition to her work as a mental health professional, she’s also had the opportunity to pour into other organizations as a consultant, speaker, coach and facilitator. Through her journey [and work] she has learned what it means to be brave, trust herself and build in such a way that is authentic to who she truly is at the core. 

While Samara’s career started in the mental health space, she experienced a major life transition at the age of 44 that would empower her to shift her attention [and intention] to older black women in the world living mediocre and unfulfilling lives. Tapping back into her beginning days, Samara realized she’s always had a love and passion for black women—and that’s how Full Grown was born.


Today, Samara is on a mission to help middle-aged black women age boldly through community, self-discovery, and a sense of adventurous risk taking. In her free time you can catch her mothering her 3 children, traveling, enjoying new adventures and loving up on her “honey”.


In the words of Samara, “we are more than mothers, we are more than wives, we are women—so let’s live life boldly”.

Meet Samara

Our Values 

To help middle-aged black women age boldly through community, self-discovery, and a sense of adventurous risk taking. 

GROWTH: Life is for evolving, grow my sister.

FREEDOM: You have the freedom to be exactly who you want to be.

CONNECTION: The rising tide lifts all boats, together we are stronger.

BRAVERY: Be brave and choose more.

WISDOM: Your past experiences are the guiding light for the future you. Pay attention.

TRUTH: It’s time to speak and own your truth.

ADVENTURE: You not gon’ die.

RESILIENCE: We grow through what we go through.


I have gone from solo to group practice owner and speaker which has helped me execute every goal beyond my wildest dreams. I have had the pleasure of working with Samara on many different projects and evolutions of my career and life. Hiring her has transformed the way I walk in this world as a manifestor, a defined niche and brand. She also has encouraged me to own a room while still cheering on others. She has taught me how to be a Full Grown woman on my own terms!”

- Latoya


There are several ways for you to learn, grow, and age boldly around here! Check out all the ways below.

2024 Retreat

A get-away experience for black women (40+) who are ready to refresh, renew, and restructure their meaning of living.

Online Courses

Choose More: A self led course for the full grown woman ready to own her feminine power.

Group Coaching

Bloom: a 90-day group coaching experience for budding beauties who are ready to bloom and step into a more authentic ripe life.


Private Coaching

Ripe: a 90-day [1:1] coaching experience for the full grown woman ready to heal, set intention, and age boldly.

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